Our work philosophy.

Skrit right now aims to be the leading IT consulting and distribution companies relating to parts of automobiles, distinguishing ourselves by providing the best and most innovative technology solutions with excellent service quality to our clientes.Nuestra mission is to meet the functional needs of each one of our clients to promote and develop highly innovative technological solutions with the highest degree of quality and reliability, perfectly adapted to each of them.

Main Services

Software Development
Skrit provides software development services in the light of more robust standards and professional development of the market for new technologies. Skrit provides its software development service as part of an integrated solution that combines the best design for internet and a team of specialists in the development of digital technologies, generate proposals that respond effectively to what the distributors of spare parts Automakers are looking for and produce, while a positive impact. We develop all kinds of products in Software Engineering for car parts dealers.

Help Desk Support
Skrit provides a support service and assistance to your customers to resolve any problems that may be found within your facility and ask questions about the operation of the systems skrit installed on their systems. A dedicated group of professionals is on hand to fix computer problems that arise in your business. These incidents are resolved through telephone support, remote support or by a technician to visit their facilities. The service includes keeping their computer systems in good operating condition, performing preventive care, anticipating possible problems that may arise due to improper system operation.

Migration and Data Transfer
The main objective of this service is to migrate data management applications from other companies into the operating environment of Management skrit, with the highest quality, reliability and technical assurance. The service is developed by a qualified computer technician transfer and migration processes of other applications with a wide experience backed by our existing customers. Our technicians perform a study of the structure, organization and characteristics of information to convey, to develop a personalized plan of testing and validation of migrated data

Systems Optimization
Through the optimization consulting services, environments analyze customer technical area proposing operational improvements and cost reduction, all within immediate execution. Through the service will get an inventory of all systems, both hardware and software, and so we propose solutions to reduce costs through server consolidation initiatives and application logic virtualization.