our Solutions

Our team has developed several solutions.
Our suite of solutions is the most comprehensive and robust range of computer programs for professionals in the automotive spare parts. All our programs are integrated together to provide comprehensive solutions to the needs of business management.

Why choose us?


For the work we do on each client.

We do our job and we’re happy about it. Our customers appreciate us for it.


The Quality and Reliability of our projects are insured goals.

In every effort we make in our work, we seek the highest degree of quality and reliability.


Commitment and Results are the qualities that characterize us.

We are committed to each task and our purpose are the results obtained by our clients.


The end result of our work: Satisfaction.

All our efforts are directed toward the satisfaction of our customers.

Our Products

skrit GestiónSkrit is a management software designed for automotive parts distribution. The system was developed using advanced computer technology and features of the aftermarket sector. Continuously adapt and update the program based on each client where it is implemented. The program integrates with the spare parts catalog TecDoc. The various modules communicate with each skrit to achieve optimization of the daily work load. All skrit processes to configure the program according to the needs of each client and provide the financial information needed for better decision-making at the enterprise level. The best advertising is our customers the same, given the high degree of satisfaction generated between them.

skrit Onlineskrit Online is the new online module that improves and optimizes the communication between a supplier of spare parts for cars and their customers. It is aimed at clients already Distributor to centralize through the Internet channel all transactions between the supplier and its customers. The system is fully integrated with the application skrit management, enabling sales and order processing with the conditions defined in skrit management. Customers view the status of their orders, invoices and electronic invoices and even statistics of their transactions. Skrit Online is integrated with the parts catalog TecDoc, allowing searches of references, displaying and selling price stock directly export the catalog and shopping cart to skrit Online to confirm the sale or order.

skrit CatálogoSkrit DOCNET is a computer program.

skrit Talleres

Workshops skrit STALL, is a management program garages that manages all the functionality needed to manage the shop. It consists of several modules for tracking clients and workshop vehicles. Allows performing repair orders, invoices and client budgets and billing purposes. Enables the generation of invoices and supplier invoices. Follow spares shop, their stocks and buying and selling prices. Track historical vehicles. Management of collection and payment of customer invoices and supplier respectively. On the other hand, has a personalized document printing (logo, currency rates and fees customizable). A personalized agenda for any type of use the workshop as meetings, itv revisions, repairs, etc. Also supports all types of queries and statistics documents. The main value of the program is its simplicity of use with high performance.

skrit DocumentalSkrit Documents. It is a Windows service that includes different modules. The most important features of this service are sending email invoices, delivery notes for reading bar code, your link with a database of documents and their distribution in directories by date. It also includes a module to send queries by ftp and create files with the query results.